Engineering EXPO 2015!

Creativity in High Gear!

Engineering Expo is a three day event held every two years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s College of Engineering. Expo is run entirely by students and brings over 10,000 visitors to campus biennially. Participants at Expo include Fortune 500 industry leaders, engineering student organizations on campus, individuals displaying their engineering projects and ideas, and thousands of students and members of the community. During the first two days of Expo, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools are invited to explore what engineering involves. Each day the event is open to the public and we encourage public engagement throughout the event. The mission statement for Engineering Expo 2015 is as follows:

As members of Engineering Expo 2015, our goal is to unite students, industry, and the community by inspiring innovation and ingenuity in the minds of future generations. Through the exploration of today’s achievements, we hope to encourage tomorrow’s scientific endeavors.

We encourage each of you to become involved in Expo in one way or another to discover what engineers really do and support the diverse opportunities for younger generations! On Wisconsin!

Ticket Price: $5            

Check-in is in the ECB Lobby or In front of Engineering Hall

Lot Parking: 12$ / Day

Street Parking: 2 hr Max  



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