Welcome to the competitions page for Engineering EXPO 2017! Here you will find all the latest information about the exciting, hands on, games and competitions that will be hosted at Engineering EXPO 2016. The purpose of these competitions is to allow students from all grades to get a taste of what scientists and engineers do on a daily basis.

Please Bring in Recycled Water Bottles to Reuse for the Bottle Rocket Competition!

EXPO Competitions for 2017!


Bottle Rocket Launch

Test your aerospace skills in this bottle rocket launch! Contestants will work to create the perfect rocket out of an ordinary plastic water and compete to see whose rocket can fly the farthest. Students will discuss and attempt to discover what will make their rockets fly further, faster.

Wind-Powered Cars

Scientists are always looking for alternative energy sources to power our vehicles; what if we could power a car with nothing but our own breath? In this challenge, students will construct a car powered only by the breath they can store in a balloon. With only the construction basics covered, it’s up to contestants to test what factors will make their car travel the fastest and go the distance!

Suspension Bridge

Test your civil engineering skills by constructing a suspension bridge that will stand up to heavy loads. However, your only supplies are string and popsicle sticks. What patterns and structures in bridge building yield the highest strength using the least amount of material? Competitors will try to figure this out in an attempt to make their bridge hold the most weight.

Clearing a Path to the Heart

Step into the shoes of a biomedical engineer in this challenge in which competitors attempt to devise a way to clear a clogged PVC pipe “artery” using only the supplies given to them. Students must work together and communicate ideas well to devise the best possible methods.

Make your own Moon Sand

If you’ve ever played with moon sand, you’ll most likely be surprised to know how easy it is to make on your own. Students will get to mix up their own batch and even take it home with them.

Reinvent an Every-Day Object

Engineers have to come up with creative solutions to solve a problem or fill a need every day. In this challenge, students will test their innovation skills by taking the every-day objects provided and transforming them into something that serves a new function. The new function can be anything, so long as it has a purpose!


If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email us at competitions@engineeringexpo.wisc.edu.

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