Welcome to the competitions page for Engineering Expo 2013!   Here you will find all the latest information about the exciting, hands on, games and competitions that will be hosted at Engineering Expo 2013. The purpose of these competitions is to allow students from all grades to get a taste of what scientists and engineers do on a daily basis. All Competitions will be offered on Thursday and Friday of Expo and selected competitions will be offered on Saturday.

Please note: Registration for the professional competition ends March 10th. See official rules below to see how to register.

Competitions For Engineering Expo Include: 

Mini Competitions-These games do not require any preparation by students. More specific information will be available closer to the dates of Expo.

Kohler's Earthquake Engineering (all ages): Teams construct the tallest tower that can withstand a simulated earthquake.

Penny Barges (all ages): Teams design a boat out of aluminum foil that can hold the most pennies. Teams get a fixed number of attempts.

Flight Duration (all ages): Teams construct a flyable object to be launched from a very large height. The object that takes the longest time to reach the bottom wins.

GE's Physics of Angry Birds (all ages): Students get to play with a real life “Angry Birds” game while learning about gravity and trajectories of projectiles.

Get the Signal (grades 6-12): Teams build a system of circuits to transmit a message however possible. The Team that transmits the message the fastest wins. 1 hour sessions.

Professional Competition- This game requires students to prepare a device before attending Expo. Registration for the competition is required.

Solar Car Drag Race (grades 6-12): Students construct a solar powered vehicle prior to the competition that can traverse a given distance in the fastest time. The cars will all use a specified solar panel to help eliminate monetary advantages.

The official rules for this competition can be found here: Engineering Expo Solar Drag Race

Engineering Expo will provide small prizes for the winner(s) of each event.

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to email us at

Earthquake Engineering Leader-board


Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any costs associated with the mini competitions?

No. All materials will be provided by engineering expo.

What costs are associated with the professional competition?

Student groups wishing to participate in Solar Car Drag Race will need to purchase all components of their car independently.

Can commercially available kits or pre-made vehicles be used for the professional competition?

No. The purpose of the competition is for students to learn a little bit about the design process and scientific principles that are incorporated into devices.

How much current and voltage will be produced by the solar panel for the professional competition?

The solar panel will produce at a maximum 7 volts and 400 mA depending on how close to the light the panel is held.