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Engineering Expo 2015

It is never to early to start thinking about exhibits for the next Engineering Expo! More information will be coming out soon.


Engineering Expo 2013

Exhibits for this year's event are already underway! Thanks to all who have registered. Not only is the Expo a great opportunity to make incredible industry contacts, but this is also an excellent chance to inform the public and actually apply your studies. Below you will find reference information as well as the complete list of exhibits that will be present.


Reference Information

Location Placement: You will receive information regarding where you have been placed this Friday, April 5th. If you need to know before this time for some reason, please contact Michelle Chiang at 

Set Up: Set up will be available either Wednesday, April 16th in the evening or Thursday the 17th before 9:00am based off of where each group has been placed. More specific details will follow. Set up will be on your own.

Take Down: Exhibits must be taken down by 6pm on Saturday, April 20th.

Judging: Judging will take place on Saturday, April 20th. This will be an all day event so please be prompt on this day. We don't want to waste our judges time. Also, cash prizes up to $800 will be awarded to the winners. In order to be eligible to receive such cash prizes, each exhibit must complete a W9 form (link to the PDF is at the bottom of this page). These are due Thursday, April 4th. Please return them to the Expo office in 1098 ECB. 

Banquet: The banquet will be held in the Alumni Lounge in the Pyle Center at 6:00pm on Saturday, April 20th. It will include a free Italian buffet. The limit is 1-2 person(s) per group. This is where the award recipients will be announced. Please RSVP by the end of Thursday, April 4th, with the name(s) of who will attend. Additionally, please include any special dietary needs (if relevant).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


W9 Form

Registration Form

 Student  Exhibits List


1. Giant Carbon Nanotube Balloon 

A carbon nanotube is built out of balloons.


2. Forms of Carbon 

The atomic structures of graphite, graphene, and diamond are explored with LED lights and plastic models.


3. Amorphous Metal 

Ball bearings are dropped down a 14" tube onto a sample of stainless steel and amorphous metal, to show the differences in physical properties when the atomic structure is changed.


4. X-ray Diffraction 

We explain the ability of light to categorize mystery materials by shining laser pointers through blank CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays.


5. Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic materials   

Using Magic Sand, nanofabrics, lotus leaves, Sodium Polyacrylate, and Instant Snow, we explore how materials can be hydrophobic or hydrophilic. 


6. Liquid Crystals

Heat-sealed packets of cholesteric liquid crystals are explored for their temperature-sensing properties.




7. Memory Metal 

The properties of memory metal are explored with hot water and Tupperware. 



8. Ferrofluids 

Ferrofluids are explored with magnets and a "leaping Ferrofluid" demonstration.


9. LEDs  

This activity explores the chemical makeup and properties of LED lights using Christmas lights, Easy Bake Ovens, phosphor paper, and numerous other tools. 19


10. Nanogold Sensors

Gold nanoparticles are explained, and then the nanosolution is used to compare the electrolyte concentration in Pedialyte, Gatorade, and pickle juice. 


11. Microfluidics 

4" square microfluidic devices are used to discuss laminar flow verses turbulent flow and the importance of the microscale for controlling fluid movement. 



12. CFS Holder   

The CFS Holder is a self-adjusting fishing rod holder, which was designed to keep bait at a constant height relative to the bottom of the lake when the boat is rocking back and forth. The CFS Holder, created by senior BSE student Justin Vannieuwenhoven, placed first in the annual Innovation Days competition and third in the Tong Prototype competition. 



13. Hazelnut Processing   

An introduction to Wisconsin's developing hazelnut industry. The main attraction is a unique machine that husks, separates and sorts nuts. Come enjoy sorting nuts with a variety of hand-powered prototype machines.



14. Laser Diffraction: Shining a light on the Microscopic Structure of Matter

Participants explore the wave nature of light by shining laser pointers through transparent slides printed with microscopic patterns, producing new patterns of light through a process called diffraction. Participants can compare the patterns they see on the slides through a microscope to the light patterns they make. Discover how scientists use the concept of diffraction to figure out the patterns of atoms inside materials. 


15. An Intelligent Tactical Treaded Robot Using Mobile Technology  

The exhibit involves a multi-purpose manipulator (robot) that can be used in the field of defense. It has various applications and features designed in it.


16. Scanning Electron Microscope   

Scanning electron microscopes can magnify images up to 500,000 times using a focused beam of electrons to probe the surface. Come see it in action!



17. Atomic Force Microscopy   

Magnets are used as a model of how AFM can give us information about a world we cannot know with our senses. 20


18. Superconducting Levitating Trains 

Levitating train set modeled after the high speed Maglev trains in Germany. The train levitates by using superconductors and magnets to create a magnetic cage around the train.


19. Student Panel  

Engineering students in various majors will be available to causally answer questions that students have about the engineering majors, classes and college life at UW-Madison. Students can come and go as they please.


20. Advanced Manufacturing  

The lab exhibits will demonstrate manufacturing technologies including Friction Stir Welding, Micro-End Milling, a multi-axis mill-turn center and an infrared camera. Our lab members will give short descriptions of the importance of each manufacturing method. We will also demonstrate several heat transfer mechanisms while answering any questions related to new technologies within manufacturing.



21. American Society of Mechanical Engineers 

ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, promotes student development in the Mechanical Engineering discipline through industry, academic, and community involvement. Come to the exhibit to learn more about ASME and participate in the Lego car jump and drive our design competition robot vehicle without direct line of sight!



22. Automatic Energy Meter Reading Using GSM Connection   

In Project Expo we are going to exhibit a kit which automatically send the energy meter bill to customer via GSM and automatically disconnects in case of payment failure. 



23. Flexible Optoelectronics   

Flexible optoelectronics devices are at the forefront of the research of numerous optical and electronic devices. Our group works on various aspects of such devices. In the exhibition, we will show flexible electrodes, temperature sensitive polymer, and modern photo-voltaic cells. 



24. The True Impact of Nuclear on Our Lives   

Nuclear science has undeniably altered the course of human history, and impacts our lives in many ways, for better or worse. Come learn the truth about how nuclear science is affecting your life. 21 



25. Extracting DNA Glop from Wheat Germ   

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Science Alliance has brought one of its exciting Exploration Stations from Science Expeditions to Expo this year. Science Alliance is a group of researchers, outreachers, and volunteers who organize public science outreach events and programs. 


Is DNA just a concept, or is it something concrete that you can see and work with, if you get enough of it? Find out by trying your hand at extracting DNA from wheat germ. And then take your Engineering Ingenuity a step further by learning to use a micropipette to measure and move a millionth of a liter of liquid--one of the joys of working in genetic engineering! 



26. OR Games 

Want to learn how to estimate pi by playing darts, or how to find the shortest route through a city? We use techniques from Operations Research (OR) to solve complex mathematical problems with fun games. 



27. UW-Madison Office of Sustainability   

Their main goals include transforming sustainability research and education on campus, encouraging the adoption of best practices to make sustainability an essential part of our university’s daily operations, and promoting conservation and waste prevention as a way of life for our community.


28. WE Conserve

In partnership with the Office of Sustainability, WE Conserve is a UW-Madison program dedicated to conservation and waste elimination.


29. The Body Machine 

Interested in sports and gaming? Come see how engineers use tools like the Microsoft Kinect to explore how the body moves and how we use engineering design to treat injury.


30. American Institute of Chemical Engineers 

Chemical engineering explores the world of chemistry and how it can be used in our lives. Come see what chemistry and engineering can achieve and how they improve the way we live. 22 



31. Industrial Engineers 

We offer hands-on activities to help demonstrate some of the main goals of industrial engineering. Our boat-building competition teaches the concept of maximizing an objective while obeying certain constraints, and our Mario Kart activity helps motivate the ideas behind human factors engineering.


32. K'NEX Robotic Suit 

A robotic exoskeleton made out of K'NEX. Taking over 2 years to create, it is composed of roughly 7,500 individual pieces and is also functional.


33. Mechanical Vibrations in Engineering

Mechanical engineers design and build structures such as cars, airplanes and computers for long term use. It is important to understand how the structure vibrates in order to avoid issues with safety, reliability and comfort. This exhibit demonstrates why engineers care about mechanical vibrations.


34. Chi Band 

Everyone knows how to take care of themselves physically, but we fall terribly short with our mental health practices. Chi Band gives users an objective understanding of their mental health by measuring their physiology in order to change that. Then, it guides users past simply understanding through the other aspects of mental health management. 



35. Human Factors and You 

An exciting set of interactive hand-on exercises and tools to explore the relationship between people and the objects we use. This exhibit offers the opportunity to help plan a simulated emergency rescue, measure your grip and pinch strength and also use several different tools designed to simulate the barriers posed by various disabilities. Come join us for an interesting and fun exploration of Human Factors and you!


36. The Maze from Your Mouth to Your Stomach 

Hands-on experience learning about the biomechanics of swallowing and swallowing disorders. See how biomedical engineers and clinicians evaluate swallowing disorders using different techniques. Learn about different treatments that help people with difficulty swallowing, and discover how they can swallow safely when eating or drinking. 23 



37. Biomedical Engineering: Design for the Human Body   

Come see how engineering is used to solve real world medical and biological problems! Participate in hands-on activities with materials and instrumentation designed and used by current students. 



38. Wisconsin Engineer Magazine Photo Shoot 

Have you ever wondered what you would look like on the cover of a magazine? Come visit the Wisconsin Engineer Magazine Photo Shoot! You will get the chance to dress up like an engineer and see yourself on the cover of our magazine. 



39. Fun with Calculator Robots  

Come learn about basic programming! We will be doing interactive demonstrations with our calculator robots, robotics trivia, and other programming-related activities that will be fun for all ages. 



40. Wheels in Wisconsin   

From construction to agriculture to recreation, Wisconsin engineers create innovative wheeled vehicles that are sold all over the world. This exhibit highlights the exciting technology engineered by several Wisconsin-based companies and how their wheels roll around the globe. 



41. KHK Multitouch Surface 

The KHK Multitouch Surface is a custom table interface with a multitouch surface designed to add touch capabilities to a standard computer operating system for multiple users. 



42. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 

AIAA is composed almost entirely of Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics students of which wish to go into an aerospace career. Student in the organization have the option of participating in the Zero Gravity program sponsored by NASA as well as the Rocket Competition put on by the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC). Our exhibit will provide sample experiment materials as well as information on the current projects. 24


43. GPU Code Profiling and Acceleration   

Profiling is a very important step in realizing where the hotspots in the code are, so accelerators can be created for them. We plan to extract the dataflow graph of CPU code and find the common portions to create accelerators for them. Various tools are being investigated for this purpose including hpctoolkit, TAU, GPGPU-SIM, GPU-Gem5 and CUDA-SDK. This presentation will give the audience an insight on how profiling and accelerating is done in GPUs. 



44. BadgerBOTS   

BadgerBOTS engages young people through hands-on, mentor-based programs to build self-confidence, develop leadership skills, and create opportunities to succeed in the 21st century. BadgerBOTS Robotics Corporation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that serves over 600 Dane County students each year with team opportunities in the FIRST family of programs, as well as camps and workshops in robotics, entrepreneurship, electronics, and programming. As the Affiliate Partner for FIRST LEGO League, we also coordinate tournaments for several thousand students statewide. 



45. Toothpick Through a Soda Can   

Demonstrating the mechanical failure of aluminum soda cans that occurs when aluminum is exposed to liquid gallium. This is a demonstration in grain boundary wetting.



46. Who You Callin' Non-Newtonian?!   

Fluids that act like solids? What is this crazy stuff?! Explore the world of everyday household products that don't act the way you think they should. 


47. Materials Carnival   

Ever heard of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream? Liquid Magnets? How about Dancing Corn Starch? Feast your eyes on some of the most marvelous materials at MSAE 231 and you might get a taste of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!


48. Ruben's Tube  

Come see the amazing properties of sound waves as visualized through flames! 25


49. EWB - UW (Engineers Without Borders - UW Madison) 

Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit, student-run organization that pairs with developing communities in Rwanda, El Salvador, Guatemala, Tanzania, and Wisconsin to improve the quality of life through engineering. The main focus of these groups is water use, transport, and remediation as well as infrastructure improvement and expansion. Stop by our booth to learn more about our projects and play some fun water games!


50. Wisconsin Robotics  

Stop on by our exhibit for some hands-on robotic fun. Check out our current robot, Singularity, and drive our team-designed and team-made mini-bots. Depending on their current state, some of our new/revamped bots may also be making an appearance. 



51. Thermodynamics of Fire 

Our exhibit will be conducting thermite reactions and a fire hands demonstration. Thermite will cut through an iron plate to show how a highly exothermic reaction can be hot enough to cut through metal. The fire hands demo will show how the phase transformation of water can consume the heat produced by fire. 



52. Institute of Transportation Engineers  

ITE is a nationwide professional society focusing on educating the community on transportation engineering. Come drive our portable simulator and see what we, as transportation engineers must take into account when designing roads and other infrastructure.



53. Wonders in Geological Engineering 

Our exhibit will feature exciting and informative demonstrations on geological engineering topics including landfill liners and liquefaction tanks! Stop by to learn more about the program and our GLE professional society, Association of Engineering Geologists.


54. Land Glider - A New Type of Roller Skates 

The team will be presenting a new footwear design that can serve both as a roller skate and a shoe.


55. Jump Around with Microcomputers! 

Learn about the Descendant's Fountain by jumping on pads to control the flow of water with the power of your feet! Explore the capabilities of microcomputers! 26 



56. Wisconsin Superbikes   

Our booth will include a showcase about what we currently do as an organization, what our future goals are as well as some showcasing of our progress.


57. Formula SAE 

[Thursday Only]

The Formula SAE car will be on display. Learn about the student run race teams at UW-Madison.


58. Wisconsin Hybrid Vehicle Team 

[Thursday Only]

The Wisconsin Hybrid Vehicle Team is currently collaborating with the Engine Research Lab on campus to implement a new engine technology called Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition or RCCI. This new technology allows two fuel sources to be injected into the engine simultaneously. To learn more about the team go to


59. Clean Snowmobile Team 

[Thursday Only]

Clean Snowmobile Team reengineers an existing snowmobile to reduce emissions and noise. Their modified snowmobile competes in a variety of events including emissions, noise, fuel economy/endurance, acceleration, handling, static display, cold start and design. Learn more at 




60. Bucky Wagon


[Thursday Only]

The Bucky Wagon is a 1932 LaFrance fire truck that was put out of commission due to a cracked transmission but the fire truck was recently restored. The all-electric Bucky Wagon is powered by lithium-ion batteries, with LED emergency lights now top the wagon and will cut back on electricity use. Stop by to see the Bucky Wagon or visit and click Bucky Wagon.