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The Engineering EXPO is returning to the UW-Madison campus this April, and the exhibits are a huge and important part of what makes it great! Whether you are a student or group looking to exhibit, or a prospective Engineering EXPO visitor, you can find out more about the exhibits here!

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Information for EXPO Visitors

When visiting Engineering EXPO, the exhibits form a large part of what you will see. Exhibits are put together by undergraduate students, graduate students, and student organizations. Topics for exhibits are typically extremely varied and cater to a broad range of audiences. 


2015 Engineering EXPO Exhibits:

1. Building A Better World From The Nanoscale Up


Using hands-on materials inspired by the research happening right here at the UW-Madison, the UW Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) will show how scientists and engineers are building better metals, electronics, and other materials by starting at the scale of a billionth of a meter in size.


2. Micro/Nanomechanics in Full View


Exhibit explores the world of micro/nanoscale mechanics. Advancements in technology have allowed us to study mechanical properties of materials on the order of micro/nanometers, over 10 times smaller than the width of a human hair. These experiments can lead to breakthroughs in administering vaccines, to supercomputing.


3. EIB: Retractable Bike Lock Design


Come see an innovative bike lock design that uses a proximity sensor that automatically unlocks and retracts itself into a mechanism when you enter a certain range.


4. Loft


Loft utilizes a pivoting motion to combine the aspects of both a bunk bed railing and ladder to allow for more space and safer sleeping in a typical bunk bed setup.


5. Structural Dynamics @ UW-Madison


With the push for faster and more efficient vehicles, structural dynamics becomes a very important issue effecting the design areas of control, failure, and aerodynamics. This exhibit will showcase some academic examples of structural dynamics and discuss their application to real-world structures.


6. Institute Of Industrial Engineers


Members of the Institute of Industrial Engineers will be present to explain and demonstrate the many things that industrial engineers do.


7. Portable Bike Charger


We have created a cell phone charger that is powered by the spinning wheel of a bicycle. We will display the various components and functions of our product.


8. Solid, Liquid, or Both?


Explore the exciting world of non-newtonian fluids. Oobleck is a mysterious substance with amazing properties. It can made from simple ingredients that are available in your kitchen. You can pour it, you can punch it, and you can even walk on it.


9. Chemical Engineers Always Get A Good Reaction


Explore chemistry and its many applications with hands-on demos. Learn how to make an edible water bottle, a battery that costs only 24 cents, and how to blow up a balloon without using your hands!


10. Belizean Mobile


The Belizean Mobile is a child car specialized to aid children with mobile disabilities. This car is targeted for children age 1-3 with troubles moving and allows them to keep pace with their friends. The Belizean Mobile is also completely designed from materials found in third world countries.


11. Gaters


A plate redesigned for social gatherings to allow the user to stand and move about, keeping one hand free, while the other is used to eat and drink. The design uses the stability of your wrist to create a stabilized plate like no other.


12. Hydrogel Biomaterials


Learn about the chemical and physical properties of hydrogels using the most familiar hydrogel – Jell-O! See how tissue engineers and pharmaceutical scientists use biomaterials to design the future of medicine!


13. SAE Baja

ECB 1063                             

Design team which each year designs a off-road vehicle to tackle dynamic tests and hold up in a 4 hour endurance race.


14. SAE Clean Snowmobile Team

ECB 1063                             

An engineering design team that works to reduce the noise and emissions of a typical snowmobile while also increasing fuel economy and maintaining performance.


15. Wisconsin Hybrid Vehicle Team

ECB 1063                             

Wisconsin Hybrid is a vehicle team housed within the College of Engineering's auto shop comprised entirely of engineering students. Visitors are able to interact with team members, hear about our current projects, and tour the rest of the auto shop.


16. Formula SAE

ECB 1063                             

The Formula SAE team at Wisconsin designs and constructs a small Formula 1-style racecar for use on tight autocross courses. The team competes in several annual competitions worldwide against a selection of 240 teams from 5 continents.


17. Quality, Safety, and Innovation Lab


Have you ever thought that healthcare is no place for an engineer? Well think again! Let the Quality, Safety, and Innovation Lab industrial engineers show you how valuable engineers can truly be to healthcare! Come by to see how we can improve the patient experience through systems engineering and nifty computer software!


18. Environmentally Friendly Robot


Protecting natural reserves against litter, an automated robot that is able to maneuver on various terrains of the environment and has the capabilities to identify areas with trash and collect data on commonly polluted areas


19. Remex


Using CFD programs, such as ANSYS, Re has worked to optimize a novel static mixing device called Remex.


20. Make Chocolate At Home


Come see a small kitchen appliance which allows users to easily make their own chocolate confectioneries at home.


21. Resonance in Engineering


Discovering how the topic of resonance has impacted life in the past and present.


22. Water Resistant Boot for Cerebral Palsy Patients


Spastic cerebral palsy is a condition in which muscle tone is increased from abnormalities in parts of the brain that control muscle movement. A non-operative treatment option involves the serial casting of the affected area. A significant limitation of this particular treatment is the amount of moisture the cast can endure. In an effort to keep the cast dry in inclement weather conditions while maintaining the ability to walk in the cast, our client Dr. Donita Croft, requires a footwear-style-device that will keep a serial cast dry for her 7 year old daughter and those like her who suffer from the disease.


23. Heated Bread Knife


We invented the knife that can produce heat within it. This knife can toast the bread while cutting it into slices. Also, it can reduce the time of defrosting the meat. Furthermore, it can melt cheese when making a sandwich.


24. The (nu)clear Choice

EH 2309            

Nuclear science and technology is used all over the world for generating electricity, treating cancer, and even in smoke detectors! We hope to teach you about this wonderful technology through hands on activities. You can learn to use geiger counters to find radioactive beanie babies or learn how fission works and is controlled using ping pong balls.


25. Biomedical Engineering And You!

EH 2321                 

Have fun exploring how engineering can be applied to biology and medicine! Try out biomedical engineering with hands-on activities and learn about innovations in the field!


26. Fundamentals of Engineering With SWE

EH 2349                     

Join the Society of Women Engineers for interactive engineering demonstrations and activities, such as calculator robots, that all ages will enjoy!


27. American Society Of Agricultural And Biological Engineers  (ASABE)


A collection of various design and research that students members and department have taken part in, these include the design of food manufacturing equipment and processes, agricultural machinery, structural systems and natural resource systems.


28. Exploring Alternative Energies in The 21st Century


Come take part in various interactive modules teaching visitors about alternative energy sources currently being considered and implemented.


29. Fusion Fuel from the Moon


 The exhibit will show and explain how helium-3 could be extracted from lunar soil to support fusion power plants that produce little to no radioactive waste.


30. 3D Printing and Computer Modeling


Come learn the process of 3D printing! Starting with computer aided designs that then get printed in plastic.


31. Battery Recycling Hub


Battery Recycling Hub takes used batteries, sorts them, test them, and then takes the energy from the remaining good batteries to power up everyday products


32. Blast from the Past

EH 2239                             

Wisconsin Engineer Magazine staff members will be giving students the chance

to conduct mock interviews of famous scientists and mathematicians

from the past.


33. UW Madison Driving Simulator

ME 3150                             

This is the full size driving simulator lab housed within the Traffic Operations and Safety Lab (TOPS). Housed in the Mechanical Engineering Building, the simulator is used to conduct testing and experimental driving situations for multiple departments.


34. UW Madison Internet of Things Lab

ME 3153                             

Come to the lab to see how the Internet can be used to improve everyday lives. See student projects and have hands-on experience with technologies such as Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.


35. Wisconsin Energy Institute's Microgrid Exploration Station

ME Lobby

This exploration station will feature Microgrid research and include hands-on educational circuit components that can be manipulated to represent different ways to generate electricity using renewable energy sources. The Microgrid uses local power generation and distribution increasing system efficiency with the ability to seamlessly connect or disconnect from the main utility grid


36. Office of Sustainability's Live Trash Audit

ME Lobby

Ready for some trash talk? The UW-Madison Office of Sustainability is rummaging through rubbish to understand what’s in our trash, improve campus recycling, and reduce our contribution to the landfill. See a live trash audit demonstration and learn how we learn from waste.


37. Advanced Manufacturing

ME 1001                             

The lab exhibits will demonstrate manufacturing technologies including Friction Stir Welding, Micro-End Milling, Laser Polishing and our 5-axis mill-turn center. Our lab members will give short descriptions of the importance of each manufacturing method. We will also demonstrate several heat transfer mechanisms while answering any questions related to new technologies within manufacturing.


38. Under Pressure

ME 2106                             

Come float on a hover craft, launch projectiles with a vacuum, and learn about the power of pressure!


39. Wisconsin Robotics: Robot Revelry

ME South Lobby                      

With robots on display that can drive themselves, move objects, and be controlled by you, Wisconsin Robotics has brought a broad swath of systems for everyone to enjoy. Come check it out.


40. Plastics & 3D Printing

ME 1042                             

You want to learn more about plastics and their manufacturing processes? You want to know how 3D printing works and what the different between technologies is? Then visit us in the Polymer Engineering Center lab and learn more.


41. Materials Carnival

MSE 231                              

Ever heard of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream? Used a banana to drive a nail? Shattered rubber like glass? Feast your eyes on some of the most marvelous materials and you might get a taste of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!


42. Thermodynamics of Fire

MSE Foundry                          

A demonstration highlighting three major thermodynamics phenomena: Sound wave illustrations using fire (Rueben's tube), highly exothermic chemical

reactions (Thermite), and phase change heat absorption (Fire Hands).

The goal of the demonstration is to educate public about

thermodynamics phenomena.


43. The Insides of Stuff: Seeing Atoms in an Electron Microscope

MSE 265                       

What does the inside of a computer chip really look like at the smallest scale? How about a rock? Can we build things that small? Come see how atoms fit together to create stuff, from the basic building blocks of common materials to the insides of the chips that power cell phones and computers.


44. Magnetic Ferrofluid Liquid Display

MSE Foundry                          

A magnetic fluid will be manipulated and explored in this exciting materials science demo. Watch as the fluid dances and morphs into crazy shapes and sizes on various metal pieces. Minds will be blown!


45. Hovercraft T-shirt Cannon


T-shirt cannon mounted on a hovercraft.


46. Badger Ballistics - Model Rocketry


Badger Ballistics is dedicated to competing in nationwide rocket competitions as well as certifying students for high power rocket launches. Come check out our display to learn about model rockets and our upcoming events.


47. WI Superbikes


WI Superbikes is a fairly new student organization that aims to explore alternative energy for motorcycles. Our current focus is to create a biodiesel motorcycle using a diesel generator engine. WI Superbikes gives students an opportunity mix engineering and creativity with their passion for motorcycles


48. What's In That Water?


Come find out what Engineers Without Borders does abroad, as well as within Madison, though a water themed exploration. Experience the purification process of water in our water purification obstacle course, or compete to build your water distribution system the fastest!


49. Kinect Fountain Control


See how you can control the fountain with only your body! Movements and gestures will be interpreted by a Kinect as commands to control the Maquina Fountain outside Engineering hall.


50. UW-Madison Food Science Club


UW-Madison's Food Science Club is happy to provide Bucky Puck ice cream sandwiches with Babcock's Cookies N' Cream ice cream between two chocolate wafer cookies for $1.50! All proceeds go to the club that will support Food Science undergraduate and graduate students!


51. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

ME 1156

 AIAA is composed almost entirely of Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics students of which wish to go into an aerospace career. Student in the organization have the option of participating in the Zero Gravity program sponsored by NASA as well as the Rocket Competition put on by the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC). Our exhibit will provide sample experiment materials as well as information on the current projects.


52. Music Information Retrieval


 A look into how services such as Pandora and Spotify use information to give song suggestions based on past listening experience.


53. Capture the Flag Battle Bots


 Come play Capture the Flag with phone controlled laser tag robots.


54. Engineering the Superhuman

2121 ME

 Superhumans are a real possibility in the future using recent advancements in engineering. Come check out how technology can interface with the human body to help us reach super heights.


55. Geological Engineering in the Real World


 Two exhibits to demonstrate the real-world application of geological engineering. A liquefaction tank will simulate what happens when an earthquake strikes an over saturated soil. A landfill model will show important landfill design characteristics, with clay liners and geomembrane covers.


56. Optics and MEMS


Demonstration of some principals in optics and MEMS fabrication.

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Information for EXPO Exhibitors

All students and faculty are invited and encouraged to take part in Engineering EXPO.

This year, we anticipate awarding over $7000 in cash awards!!


Preliminary Registration:

Preliminary registration is now closed. If you missed registration and would still like to participate in EXPO, please contact Adam at to discuss your options.

Exhibit Categories:

Exhibits will be judged and awards granted in the following categories:

  • Individual Undergraduate
  • Group Undergraduate
  • Graduate (Individual or Group)
  • Student Organization


Judging will be conducted by faculty members and industry representatives. There will also be "People's Choice Awards" handed out based on feedback from EXPO visitors.

Exhibit Topics:

Topics for exhibits can be anything related to science or engineering**. Some possible ideas could be:

  • School design project
  • On-campus research
  • Independent project
  • Open lab/office/work space for tours or demos
  • That really cool thing on the internet you always wanted to try building
  • Some other topics that interests you

The more variety we have for exhibits, the better the EXPO experience will be for everyone! This year's slogan is "Creativity in High Gear", so don't be afraid to get creative in exhibit ideas. Check out these EXPO 2013 Exhibit Descriptions if you need more inspiration! **Keep in Mind: The primary audience at EXPO on Thursday and Friday will be school children from grade school through high school, so please plan your exhibit accordingly. Exhibits can be technical in nature, but you should be prepared to speak to and engage with everyone from young children to industry professionals on your topic. 

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Information for Faculty

The whole college is going to be doing it...and you should too!!

This year, we want to make sure interested faculty are fully informed about ways they can get involved in Engineering EXPO and help represent the College of Engineering while inspiring the next generation of engineering students. 

Ways to get involved:

There are many ways you can get involved as a faculty member. Some examples include:

  • Create a poster or tabletop exhibit showcasing your research area
  • Open your lab for tours/open houses during EXPO
  • Encourage students working with you to create an exhibit
  • Put together a demonstration/informational talk
  • Volunteer as a judge
  • And more!

Have another idea of how you would like to participate? We'd love to hear it! Contact Adam at and we can discuss your ideas!

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