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We are excited to announce the schedule of the 2013 speakers and presenters!


All Days

Presenter: Wonders of Physics 1610 Engineering Hall10-11am, 12pm-1pm, 2pm-3pm (No 2pm-3pm show on Saturday April 21)

Physics is all around us but sometimes it can be hard to understand. Wonders of Physics brings physics front stage and creates a fun, engaging, and educational demonstration of major physics concepts including motion, electricity and light. The demonstrations help students better understand the physics in the world around them while having fun!

Wonders of Physics will be also be exhibiting several Rube Goldberg devices in 2349 Engineering Hall. A Rube Goldberg device performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion. Guests will be able to actively interact with the devices.



Green Speaker: Faramarz Vakili 1106 Mechanical Engineering1pm-2pm

Faramarz Vakili is the Director of Campus Sustainability Operations and the Associate Director of the Physical Plant Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His responsibilities include overseeing facilities maintenance, in-house remodeling, utilities generation and distribution, fleet management, and sustainability operations on a campus of 300 buildings and over 20 million gross square feet of instructional and research space.

Mr. Vakili is also the director of UW-Madison’s WE CONSERVE environmental stewardship initiative which exceeded its original goal of reducing the University’s energy consumption and eco-footprint by 20% per square foot by year 2010.



Speaker: Justin Beck 1106 Mechanical Engineering10-11am

Justin Beck started PerBlue, a mobile game company, in his dorm room. The company began with an interesting software idea, built by five of his college friends. Today PerBlue has 30 employees and their games are enjoyed by over 2 million players all over the world. Starting a software company is really easy. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. That's it! In his talk, Justin will discuss his experience as a student at UW-Madison, and how being an Engineer has changed his life. Are you interested in starting your own company, or being a Software Engineer? This talk is for you!

Green Speaker: Angela Pakes Ahlman 1153 Mechanical Engineering10:30am-12pm

Pakes Ahlman is a UW–Madison dual-degree graduate in geological engineering and geology/geophysics. She joined UW-Madison as an architect and engineer manager is 2006 and has led a number of high-profile campus building projects. Pakes Ahlman is one of our two GREEN speakers at this year’s Expo and will speak to engage students in environmental and sustainability discussions in the field of engineering.

Workshop/Speaker: Ms. Tonia Mahnke from UW Madison Army ROTC 1163 Mechanical Engineering12:30am-1:45pm

UW Madison Army ROTC will be hosting a Leadership in Engineering Workshop. Ever wonder what roles engineers have in the military? Looking for a hands-on activity to enhance your leadership skills? Then this workshop is for you. Ms. Mahnke, Assistant Professor of Military Science at UW Madison Army ROTC, will speak about engineering careers in the military before conducting a 30 minute leadership workshop. All you need to bring is yourself, your critical thinking skills, and desire to be a future leader. Space is limited to 60 people.



Speaker: John Beasley and Erkin Otles 1106 Mechanical Engineering12-1pm

"Human Factors Engineering: A Way to Improve Primary Health Care"

Professor Beasley and Mr. Otles will lead a discussion about some of the problems in the quality and efficiency of primary health care centering on the issues of information management and workflow. Dr. Beasley will give a short introduction about the realities of primary care practice, Mr. Otles will briefly discuss the content of human factors engineering and we will then have open discussion about work that can be done to apply human factors methodology to improve the care of patients in the primary care specialties of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Family Medicine through the application of Human Factors Engineering.

Professor John W. Beasley is a Family Physician with extensive experience internationally as well as in rural and academic settings. He is past-president of the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians and has been co-Chair of the Working Party on Research for the World Organization of Family Doctors (Wonca). He has had 12-year collaboration with Industrial and Systems Engineering working with Professor Ben-Tzion Karsh and others. His maintains an active Family Medicine practice and has authored over 20 papers, book chapters and other publications related to primary care. He lectures on issues of workflow, information management and the application of electronic health records in primary care. He currently serves as coordinator of the National Collaborative to Improve Primary Care Through Industrial and Systems Engineering (I-PrACTISE).


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