Expo 2015:

Welcome to the 2015 Robotics Engineering Expo page. Here you will find out about the robotics competition and demos at Engineering Expo 2015. Check this page often leading up to Expo for updates on what Robotics will have to offer.



Expo 2013:

Robotics competition:

Sumo Bots:
Sumo Bots is a competition involving two Lego NXT robots (Lego NXT Website) in a match to be the last robot standing. This competition is designed for students of all ages. The robots are completely autonomous and will follow preprogrammed instructions with the use of various sensors. Built robots will be provided by Engineering Expo and students will be able to modify their robot and pick the program used.

Sumo Bot Rules:
The field will be white sheet of paper that will have a black circle with a diameter of 3ft printed on it.

Before the match students can modify their robot including the wheels used and pick the program that will be used for the match. Students will then place their robots in the ring such that the robot drive away from the opponent at the start. Robots will then carry out their programs until a robot has completely left the ring or until 3 minutes have passed. If a robot tips over or breaks during the match the ref may restart the match.

There will be multiple robotic demonstrations at Engineering Expo 2013 with details forthcoming.


NXT robots have a part called the NXT Intelligent Brick that is the brain of the robot. It looks like this:



The orange button on it is used to select what you want to do and at EXPO it will be used to select the program you want to run.
The arrow buttons let you go through different options and at EXPO they will let you scroll through the program options.
The letter A, B, and C, on the top of the Intelligence Brick are different motor ports and the numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, on the bottom of the intelligence brick are sensor ports.
The EXPO robots will be built in a three wheel format and the specific wheels used will be determined by the student. The robots are currently under construction and pictures will be coming soon.

For engineering expo the programming will be done for you and you will pick which program to run from a selection.
The programs will be in NXT, and to program in NXT you select bricks that say different things and fall into different types.
The block types are motor blocks, sensor blocks, and logic blocks.
For EXPO we will be using motor blocks to drive and turn the robot, sensor blocks for the light sensor to tell the robot when to turn and loop block to tell the robot to repeat the process.

Motor Blocks:



They will tell the motor that is connected to the designated ports to turn.
The upper right corner shows what ports this block will affect and in this case it would be port B and C.
Since two motors are selected this could be used to drive the robot forward or backwards. To turn only 1 motor should be selected as shown in this picture.

Sensor Block:



This block is for a light sensor and in it can see and tell the robot to react to a black line. Since the ring border will be a black line this block will be important for keeping robots in the ring.

Loop Block:



This block will continue to run the code in it until it is told to stop.
Therefore in this game you will most likely want to have all of your code in it so that your robot will continue to run until a victor is determined. Code placed into loops will look like this.

This is a very basic NXT overview so that you know everything you need for EXPO. If you would like to know more I suggest searching youtube for NXT programming tutorials.
If you enjoy sumo bots I also suggest looking into FIRST Lego League which uses NXT robots to complete different missions each year.