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The Engineering EXPO is returning to the UW-Madison campus this April, and the exhibits are a huge and important part of what makes it great! Whether you are a student or group looking to exhibit, or a prospective Engineering EXPO visitor, you can find out more about the exhibits here!

Important Information:

We are holding a brief informational meeting about EXPO in ECB 1025 on November 10th at 6:30PM to answer any questions and go over EXPO information!

For an idea of what EXPO is all about...

Check out this video from Expo 2011

For more information, please see...

Visitor Information
Exhibitor Information
Faculty Information

Questions? Comments? Please contact Bret at StudentExhibits@EngineeringExpo.wisc.edu

Information for EXPO Visitors

When visiting Engineering EXPO, the exhibits form a large part of what you will see. Exhibits are put together by undergraduate students, graduate students, and student organizations. Topics for exhibits are typically extremely varied and cater to a broad range of audiences.
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Information for EXPO Exhibitors

All students and faculty are invited and encouraged to take part in Engineering EXPO.
This year, we anticipate awarding over $7000 in cash awards!!

Preliminary Registration:
Student clubs, organizations and more, register for EXPO here!

Exhibit Categories:
Exhibits will be judged and awards granted in the following categories:

  • Individual Undergraduate
  • Group Undergraduate
  • Graduate (Individual or Group)
  • Student Organization
Judging will be conducted by faculty members and industry representatives. There will also be "People's Choice Award" handed out based on feedback from EXPO visitors.


Exhibit Topics:
Topics for exhibits can be anything related to science or engineering**. Some possible ideas could be:

  • School design project
  • On-campus research
  • Independent project
  • Open lab/office/work space for tours or demos
  • That really cool thing on the internet you always wanted to try building
  • Some other topics that interests you
The more variety we have for exhibits, the better the EXPO experience will be for everyone! This year's slogan is "Generating a Brighter Future", so don't be afraid to get creative in exhibit ideas. **Keep in Mind: The primary audience at EXPO on Friday will be school children from 4th through 8th grade, so please plan your exhibit accordingly. Exhibits can be technical in nature, but you should be prepared to speak to and engage with everyone from young children to industry professionals on your topic.

Information for Faculty

The whole college is going to be doing it...and you should too!!
This year, we want to make sure interested faculty are fully informed about ways they can get involved in Engineering EXPO and help represent the College of Engineering while inspiring the next generation of engineering students.

Ways to get involved:
There are many ways you can get involved as a faculty member. Some examples include:

  • Create a poster or tabletop exhibit showcasing your research area
  • Open your lab for tours/open houses during EXPO
  • Encourage students working with you to create an exhibit
  • Put together a demonstration/informational talk
  • Volunteer as a judge
  • And more!
Have another idea of how you would like to participate? We'd love to hear it! Contact us at studentexhibits@engineeringexpo.wisc.edu and we can discuss your ideas!


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