Virtual Content

Our virtual content from EXPO 2021 is still available for all of you to view! For your viewing pleasure, the Engineering EXPO 2021 Guide may be helpful to direct you through the virtual content. Otherwise, feel free to jump in to what excites you the most! 

You can find online exhibits through this website and on our YouTube channel.  This page includes videos from professors, students, and student organizations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering. The activities sections includes videos from student organizations with activities that you can try at home or in the classroom.

Here are names for common acronyms you will see as you navigate EXPO:

AIAA – American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AIChE – American Institute of Chemical Engineers

ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers

BME – Biomedical Engineering

MRSEC – Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers

NSF- National Science Foundation

REACH – Robotics Engineering, Applied Control and Haptics

SWE – Society of Women Engineers

Additional Activities

Below are additional virtual activities created by some of the student exhibits mentioned above. Make sure you check them out!

Lost at the Forever Mine

You are a materials scientist who crash landed on an abandoned mining planet in this interactive, online game. You must use mathematical models to mine enough fuel to make it off the planet before your oxygen runs out!


Crystal Cave 

Crystal Cave is an interactive, online game that teaches young scientists about one of the main forms of solid materials, crystals! Through nine levels, players will be challenged to grow a variety of crystals and learn about the properties and importance of their unique structures.



Atom Touch looks at the extremely small building blocks of life–atoms! Choose from a variety of activities or partake in free play, exploring how atoms really behave.