We are in the planning process of creating new activities for EXPO 2023!

However, do check out our activities from last year!

Bottle Rocket Launch

Test your aerospace skills in this bottle rocket launch! Contestants will work to create the perfect rocket out of an ordinary plastic water and compete to see whose rocket can fly the farthest. Students will discuss and attempt to discover what will make their rockets fly further, faster.


The classic Catapult. They’ve been around for ages and today you can design and fire a mini one on your own! Keep designing and redesigning to get the best catapult you can so it will hit its target every time.

Tin Foil Boats

Set sail a boat of your own creation! Will it stay afloat as passenger pennies come aboard or will it sink under the pressure?

Build a Bridge

See in action how geometry contributes to strength by building your very own bridge. Try using different shapes in your design to see which one is strongest and put them to the test! Will your bridge “crack under pressure”?

Marble Roller Coaster

Huge scary drops, twisting and turning, and the famous Loopy loops! Become a roller coaster engineer for the day and see if you can get a marble to stay on track through all the thrill and launch them into the target.

Slingshot Cars

Crash test a slingshot-powered car into a tower of plastic cups! Engineer your car body to withstand the take-off and impact force! Whose car can destroy the tower the most?

Paper Airplanes

Learn about the scientific method by creating different paper airplanes to see which design flies the furthest! Can your flyer outdo the others?


Ever want to be a hacker in real life? This activity might be your first step into becoming one! We’ll walk you through making your very own code and after that see what you can create on your own.

 Rubber Band Helicopter

Ever wondered how can a helicopter fly? Learn how by creating and flying your own helicopter. You might be surprised at how easy it actually is to make a helicopter fly.


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