Wiggle Bots

Ever wanted to build a robot? Come create your own little wiggle bot! Experience an introduction to robotics and learn how to use batteries and vibration motors to create your own vibrating robot.

Wisconsin 175

Come learn about the 175th anniversary of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Learn how to talk to our 175 robot in binary (robot language) and it will dispense candy for you! Work with LEDs and batteries to help light up a “175” sign. 

Bottle Rocket Launch

Blast off and test your aerospace engineering skills in this bottle rocket launch! Contestants will use an ordinary plastic water bottle to create the perfect rocket and compete to see whose rocket can soar the highest. Students will problem solve and attempt to discover what will make their rockets fly further and faster.


The classic Catapult. They’ve been around for ages and today you can design and fire a mini one on your own! This is an opportunity to learn about how potential energy is converted into kinetic energy to shoot a projectile. Keep designing and re-designing to get the best catapult you can so it will hit its target every time.

Marble Roller Coaster

Huge scary drops, twisting and turning, and the famous loopy loops! Observe first hand how energy is converted through downhills and uphills. Learn about how height changes affect the velocity of the marble. Become a roller coaster engineer for the day and see if you can get a marble to stay on track through all the thrill and launch them into the target. 

Slingshot Cars

Crash test a slingshot-powered car into a tower of plastic cups! Investigate Newton’s Laws and the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration. Engineer your car body to withstand the take-off and impact force! Whose car can destroy the tower the most?


Have you ever wanted to be a hacker in real life? This activity might be your first step into becoming one! This is a great way to be introduced to computer science concepts and practice your coding skills! We’ll help you develop your very own code and after that see what you can create on your own. 

 Rubber Band Helicopter

Ever wondered how a helicopter can fly using propellers? When propellers spin, the helicopter body utilizes Newton’s Third Law of Motion to spin in the opposite direction and stay in the air. Explore the concept of torque and engineer your own helicopter. 


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